DonatilaRose models Bohemian Rags

The Four elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. Made of all eco friendly materials from a second hand store or thrift store. For about four months I've prepared the collection. Its exciting to see the final product come alive and very wearable for not just your ordinary girl.

The Ingredients
Earth theme: 1 green drapery, 3 green skirts, 1 brown corduroy , 1 remnant scrap.

Wind: 1 clear creme chiffon drapery, 1 thrifted polyester stretchy creme remnant, 1 creme polo blouse

Water: 2 remnant scraps (blue plain/blue with black print), 1 silk blue polo blouse, 1 remnant stretchy rib knit for skirt.

Fire: 4 different red blouses (polyester, cotton knit, rayon woven, 4 little remnant strips of polyester.

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