A sweet little home for you and me ;)

Photography by Victor Tolentino 

I had a lot of fun shooting a lot of video and pictures at a Island that was originally a naval base. The houses are old houses dated back to even the 50s. And the weather was perrrrfect. Sorry to all my youtube subscribers if I haven't uploaded a video! I will try to soon! I have so many footage that is ready to upload. For some reason my laptop cannot handle the uploading process to youtube anymore! If there is a will then there is a way right?

1. Cardigan Thrifted $5.00, Pacsun Flower top $5.00, Thrifted Shorts originally pants $1.50, Belt thrifted $1.50, Shoes forever 21 $20.80, Bag forever21 $12.00 , necklace/pendant thrifted $2.98, hand sanitizer by Bath &Body Works

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  1. I just love how you put these outfits together.... Love your Style I'm a subby and now I'm a Follower....Love from Puerto Rico xoxoxox