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The Best Fashion Accessories for the Festive Season
With the arrival of autumn and the weather getting swiftly colder, thoughts of Christmas are beginning to surface. Alongside all the presents we are going to buy, what Christmas culinary delights we are going to bring to the table and what we’re going to put at the top of the Christmas tree this year, our stylish Christmas wardrobe is another niggling festive distraction.
You may have your Christmas Day outfit, your Boxing Day casuals and your New Year’s Eve “head-turner” sorted out, but now it’s time to start thinking about accessories.

Shawls are a great fashion accessory, namely because they have two functions. Not only are shawls a great addition to an outfit and help give it extra colour, zest and style, but they also help to keep you warm; a welcoming trait at Christmas.
Whether it is giving some much needed warmth to a skimpy New Year’s Eve outfit or sprucing up classic black dresses, this stylish yet casual and ultra-versatile fashion accessory can bring even the dullest outfit to life.

Belts are another great fashion accessory, especially at Christmas time. Similar to shawls, belts can have a dual function, holding up clothing as well as bringing an additional touch of glamour to an outfit.
During the festive season opt for belts that are festively coloured: such as red, orange, gold or even glittery to create that ultra-fun and glamorous look. Brightly coloured belts look great with darker coloured dresses, skirts and trousers.

When it’s cold outside, nothing keeps you warm quite like a hat. During the festive season you can afford to be adventurous with hats and wear one that you wouldn’t be seen dead in for the rest of the year!
From wearing fun Santa hats to the Christmas office party to wrapping up warm in a fashionable knitted hat in really cold weather, there is no accessory quite as adaptable and practical as a hat during the Christmas season.

Clutch Bags
If you want to radiate taste, style and exquisiteness this Christmas then be sure to be seen with a clutch bag. Clutch bags seem to have a timeless longevity, which no matter what the rest of the fashion world is doing in a particular season will never be a fashion faux pas at Christmas.
If you want to glamorise a Christmas outfit and have a place to put all those essentials – lipstick, phone, purse and keys – then simply grasp hold of a clutch bag.

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