Rimmel London's Show Off Lip lacquer in Galaxy Comet and Light Year

 Rimmel Show Off in Galaxy (Purplish toned lipgloss)
 Rimmel's Show Off in Comet (Rosey pink color)
 Rimmel Show Off in Light Year (Brownish-red)
Finally Rimmel came out with the lip lacquer "Show Off" in the US. The name 
Apocalips is the original name, which only was exclusive to the UK but 
is now here! I was told that other drugstores will soon carry it but I've only
seen it on drugstore.com and Walgreens drugstore so far.  Retailed for $5.49 at 
my drugstore.

Pigmentation: High pigmented (can be worn alone or with lipstick under)
Scent: Light hint of watermelon (goes away after application)
Finish: Shiny


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