Carpe Diem and let the camera capture it all

Photography is an incredible art. The way a man’s face is captured in black and white images, taken by a great Nashville Photographer is simply mesmerizing. If there is talent and dedication in the work done by a professional, there is always a good result guaranteed. Especially, when it comes to portraits of people, there is a sense of perfect timing and special observation required. Otherwise, you cannot immortalize someone’s face in the right way. It has to look natural, but it is also important for the photographs to be beautiful.

People are changing every single day. We are aging and becoming more mature every hour. This is why a photograph of you taken today, is mandatory. You are never going to be as young as you are now, in 10 seconds your skin will get older. A moment that tends to fly away immediately can be captured within seconds by the camera. This is the power of photography, it resides in making a moment last forever, it creates an image of your face that will last, unlike your look. This is the sad and at the same time, the beautiful truth about our faces, bodies and even our souls. This is the natural condition we live in and it gives us a reason to love the present even more than we do. It makes us smile to the cameras around us and let them capture every single detail of our lives.

A portrait of a crying woman to me looks ten times sadder than the state of the woman in real life. Because I know, it will all pass. But not the photograph, that is the thing that is supposed to stay here for a long time and unlike the moment, it can be destroyed only by our hands and not by the condition of time. Moreover, the same thing goes for a portrait of a woman that is smiling. Her smile could be destroyed by some bad news in the near future, unlike the picture of it. The picture is going to last a long time and it will remind her that there were beautiful moments in life, when she was happy.

Photography is the modern art that has the power to capture the present and let us remember the lost moments of our lives, the way we used to look like and the emotions we once felt. It is the art that is constantly said to the humans “Carpe Diem” and let the camera capture it all.

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